Our Story

Hi Ya. We’re Gin and Trin and Living the Dream. We are two girls in their mid-forties and have been friends and partners in crime for 27 years.


We are big believers in taking risks and living life to the fullest. We try to find the humour in the ordinary and believe that getting back to basics is the only way to find true happiness.


This podcast is for you if you want to be inspired, embrace your inner wild woman and if you are wondering how to get off the mouse wheel. 


It will make you laugh, make you cry and simply want to embrace all life throws at you to hopefully live a Wild Precious Life.


We will share peoples stories that inspire us on how to live chemical free, slowly, mindfully and looking after ourselves as well as the environment. 

Meet the Founders

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    Ginny Mac

    Trained as a Physical Education teacher, Gin worked with refugees for many years, assisting their integration to Australian life by developing innovative sporting opportunities and programs. She has a cool hubby, two awesome kids and a very cute Groodle, and now works in the exciting arena of Digital Marketing.

    Gin loves to surf, hike and renovate/DIY. She grabs snippets of fun where ever she can - whether it's cajoling partners in crime into dancing on tables, dressing up for no reason, or handstand competitions on the beach, she's not a fan of sitting still or dull moments.

    Her challenge in life is to slow down and she's starting to do this... slowly.

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    Trin M

    The cliche quote “don't wait for tomorrow as tomorrow may never come” is what fuels Trin to live a good and fulfilled, fun life. Life has thrown her a few curve balls in the past two years and have changed her, her life and her outlook immensely.

    Trin is first and foremost a mum of three beautiful teenagers, a dog and a cat. She loves her  family. Growing up with three older brothers developed her passion for sports and all things outdoors. The beach, hiking, watching the sunset with a nice sav blanc is what refuels and grounds her.

    Trin loves to get her creative groove on through her passion for writing and photography, especially taking pics of nature in all its splendour.

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