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Welcome to the Wild Precious Lives’ first ever podcast. In this episode, Gin and Trin tell you a little about themselves and how their wild journey together came about.


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How did Wild Precious Lives Come About?

Gin and Trin are two friends that have known each other since university. They first met whilst doing a Bachelor of Physical Education at Rusden University, now Deakin University. Health and physical activity has always been an important part of both their lives. Now at the beautiful age of 45, they are both Mums with kids and often catch up whilst having a walk out in nature, often followed by a cuppa and (sometimes vegan) lunch. During these hikes, they inevitably discuss what’s happening in their lives – the highs, the lows and the in betweens.

One night Trin had a dream that they were doing radio together. She told Gin the next day and a seed was sewn. Several months later the Wild Precious Lives podcast emerged. They are now literally “living the dream”.

Trin’s Wild Journey

After university Trin travelled overseas with Gin and then came back to Australia and taught Special Education. She worked with many children that had various learning difficulties and challenges in the education system. After doing this for several years she became a mum and now has three teenagers of her own. Trin is currently working full time in the Aquatic and Leisure Industry as she wanted a career with less pressure and a job she could thrive in and enjoy without taking work home with her. She desperately tries to find a balance in life whilst acknowledging it is extremely difficult. Trin loves being outdoors and being in nature, she also loves the beach, to write, to cook, to meditate and a good wine.

Gin’s Wild Journey

After university Gin, a handstand guru, travelled overseas with Trin. She then went and lived in Ireland with now hubby Leigh where she started working with refugees. When Gin returned to Australia she started working with the Centre of Multi-Cultural Youth helping refugees integrate into Australia through sport. She then moved to Queensland and started doing websites and digital marketing. She is a mum of two teenagers and loves hard core adventure sports like surfing. Gin also works full time but is passionate about green living, zero waste, low-tox living and getting out in nature.

What can you expect?

Gin and Trin’s aim is to share what they have learnt through their journey and help other people by researching, sharing and discussing topics that resonate with them. They’ll be sharing all of this with you through their blogs and podcasts (be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to keep updated on all their latest content). They will interview guests who will inspire, motivate and provide you with useful tips to enhance your life. These guests will not only be living their dreams and passions but will also be positively impacting on all those they encounter. If you’re after informative and engaging stories about living life, shared in a humorous manner, Gin and Trin are your gals.

Life is to be lived well, but never taken to seriously!

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Gin and Trin’s Goals

– Giving you tips to enhance your lives
– Assisting you in joining the pieces to find your rhythm in this world
– Prompting you to think about how you can live your one Wild and Precious Life
– Have truck loads of fun along the way!!!

Come join us for the ride and discover how you want to lead your one wild and precious life.

PS. The whole name was inspired by this wonderful poem by Mary Oliver that has resonated with the girls for many years…

Wild precious life

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