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008 – Balance is Bullshit

Gin and Trin dive into the hot topic of balance and get you thinking… is maintaining a balanced life at all possible? Is obtaining balance in your life confused with perfection? Or is the whole thing a load of bullshit?

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On todays show Gin and Trin chat about the concept of having a balanced life. Is it even achievable and what can YOU do to have balance in your life? Right off the bat Gin and Trin put it out there – they believe the concept of Balance is Bullshit.

Trin’s definition of balance is not about what you are doing but about how you are ‘BEING’ and how you feel in the moment. It’s about being grounded, being centred and being calm. But in order to achieve that, it’s what you do that helps what you be and how you feel. Hence, being balanced to Trin is what you “DO” to help yourself “BE”. You can be balanced but not do much, or be very busy and too be balanced. Trin needs time to herself to do things that she is passionate about and fulfils her. When she is near balanced she is able to make the most of her time by being present with those around her.

Gin’s concept of balance is being content with who and where you are in life. The ‘MYTH’ of balance is having all the different areas of your life in sync – spiritually, relationships and your social life, health, fitness and finance. Having enough ‘me time’ also is important. Gin feels all these components could never be balanced all at the one time.

Brook McAlary from the Slow Home Podcast has previously spoken of ‘tilting’. We can never achieve perfect balance but we tilt. Some weeks we tilt more towards work and if we are aware of that, we can make adjustments and ensure the next week we tilt more towards family or quality me-time.

Setting goals are important to attaining some sort of balance in life.

Taking time to set both long and short term goals will enable you to make the most of your time. Scheduling in activities will give you the opportunity to make your hour, day, week and month as balanced as possible.

Trin reveals that she is presently very out of balance. Her car was broken into, back window smashed and bag stolen. Her week ahead will involve focusing on getting that fixed whilst working full time in a new job and looking after her kids. Trin acknowledges that sometimes you need to get way out of balance to then get back into balance.  Acceptance plays a big part in balance. Accepting that balance doesn’t always mean things are perfect and you are centred and happy. Being so far out of balance can lead to actively make changes to have a more well rounded life.


There is no way you can be balanced if you are so terribly busy. You need to prioritise – what is most important in your life to YOU? What adds value to your life. Do those things and say “no” to the things you feel you “should” do. It is ok to say no to activities and to say no to people. Sally Hepworth provided great insight in her podcast with WPL. A helpful response when you are caught unawares is to say – “Can I get back to you?” This will give you time to think. You could also be honest and say “I am flat out at the moment and i just can’t fit that in.”

Being on technology and social media takes up so much of your day. Consciously disconnect from technology and you will have so much more time in your day to do other things. When you are doing an activity or going for a walk out in nature, put your phone away and be present in the moment. If you want to take some photos, how about using your real camera instead, that way you won’t get distracted by things on your phone like social media. Remember you do not have to answer your phone either. It’s ok to let it ring out and its ok to turn it off. Dinner time is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from your phone and connect with those around you.

Depending on what you have on in the day/week will determine where you have to focus your time. If you consciously set time aside to prioritise and set some goals, you are more likely to be tilting in a positive way. Understand that things are always shifting and changing and you have to adapt and organise your time accordingly. Even be aware enough to break down your time in smaller segments. Remember to fill your time when you can with things that add value to you.

For me, one of the tasks that was causing me pain was doing my own SEO and trying to learn what to do and when, so I just did a quick google search and outsourced that to a company who knew what they were doing. My priority was not to do it myself and find a provider.

Health is everything. Be aware of your mental, physical and emotional health and take the steps you need to to ensure they are maintained. Try and get enough sleep, eat healthily and do a form of exercise that you love. Arianna Huffington has written a great book called Thrive and it talks about all the studies that have been done on the importance of sleep and its benefits.

Consciously make the time to check in and see how your day has gone or your week has gone. Do you feel good? Are there any changes you can make to feel better? Do you need to shift your focus? How is your tilting going? Am I in a good rhythm for me? Think of things you can do to make your life easier and do that. For example meal prep on a Sunday so that you don’t have as much to do after work during the week. Always remember that balance does NOT equate to perfection.

Accept. Accept. Accept. Let go of the whole balance myth and realise that you need to do what works for you at any given moment. Do not compare yourself to anyone else as what they need to maintain a nice tilt will be different from you.

We would love to hear whether you believe that balance is at all possible or do you too believe like Gin and Trin that it is BULLSHIT?!

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