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Gin chats with awesome content creator Kim Doyal about how she came to run a successful online business, as well as overcoming some huge obstacles like the sudden death of her husband when her children were very young. Kim has some wise words of wisdom scattered throughout this interview, as well as her story of a driven, compassionate and fun loving woman!

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Kim’s Wild Journey

In 2003 a life changing event happened to Kim. She was 32 and tragically lost her husband in a car accident. She had two young children who were only 6 and 2 at the time and was working full time for a retail company – around 60 plus hours a week. After taking some time off to recover from this tragic event,  Kim returned and realised that her heart was just not in the retail business any more.

In Kim’s early life she went through some challenges as a child which she attributes to shaping her strong resilience. In 7th, 8th and 9th grade she had to have major hip surgery, spending 15 months on crutches. During this time, which was much of her adolescence, she came to realise she was a lot stronger than she thought. This has served her well over the years and after some soul searching, she knew there was something else she was meant to do with her life.

Now or Never

When life took her breath away she suddenly realised it is now or never.

In 2008 Kim had been given funds through a settlement, and in her words she thought “screw it, Im doing this.” She believed she always had an entrepreneurial bent in her, had attended lots of seminars and was committed to making this new venture work. Kim believes it organically took on a life of its own. She became the ‘Word Press Chick’, and a very successful one at that! But the bottom line was that Kim would rather be the star rather than the producer. Building sites for clients did not fulfil her and she just wanted to be doing this for herself.

Zero Attachment

At the end of 2016 Kim started podcasting but had zero attachments to it because she just wanted to have fun. She ended up getting sponsorship, clients and coaching clients. She wanted to master the craft of content marketing and launched a Facebook group for ‘Content Creators’, again with zero attachment. Whilst she did indeed have zero attachment, she was 100% committed to this. Kim soon realised that the best approach to all of this was simply being herself. She encourages people to pull their own voice into their content.

Kim consciously taps into the way her body feels and then acts accordingly. Taking time out to Kim means many different things including turning her phone off, taking a bath, binge watching TV, going to the movies or spending time with her dogs. If Kim doesn’t take some time out, like many of us, she becomes resentful.

Kim enjoys the freedom of running her own business. She gets to spend more time with her family. She enjoys being there for her kids when they get home from school. The quality of her life has improved and she believes she is living her ideal day every day. 80% of the population goes through life unconscious and only does things they believe they should do, this is not an option for Kim. There is so much fear around what other people will think and say that stops people from doing what they want to do.

The recent SAAS project Kim was involved in did not go as planned, but was a great learning experience! She was having way more fun doing her own content than she was doing this project. Creating her own content was easy and natural and gave her much more enjoyment. Kim now has control over everything. She can make her own decisions and chose her own hours. This way of life suits her, what more could you ask for in a job?

Kim’s Precious Tips

  • Don’t let other peoples opinions stop you from doing what you want to do.
  • Encourage your kids to live a conscious life and follow their own path, not one that society imposes on them.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • You only get this life once, don’t spend it on things you don’t truly want.
  • Do what you love and the money will follow.
  • Just show up for yourself. Do whatever you need to do for YOU!
  • Expressing raw vulnerability always creates connection with people.
  • Small consistent actions add up.
  • Everything is content.
  • Unplug!
  • Pay attention to physical reactions in your body and act accordingly. Be self aware.
  • Do something for someone else.
  • Trust yourself and what is right for you.
  • Be guided by and develop your own rudder in life.

What would Kim tell her 16 year old self?

Use your voice girl! You can be kind, but always speak your truth and honour yourself.

What makes Kim laugh?

Her dogs and her kids. She is naturally a happy person and is surrounded by witty people.

What makes Kim cry?

The movie Mama Mia with the relationship between the mother and the daughter and their conversations. Also the heart felt people in her life that mean the world to her. Not to mention the Adoption Dog videos!

Reach out to Kim:

Podcast: The Kim Doyal Show 
Face book : Content Creators

I hope you got as much out of this as we did. Let us know in the comments below any thoughts you’ve had after tuning in.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me on the show Gin!
    Honored to be asked… always love talking with you. I love what you’re both doing with this podcast, the world needs it! 🙂

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