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005 – Best Selling Author Sally Hepworth

Want to know how to follow your passion, write a best selling novel, work full time and have three kids all at the same time? This interview with author Sally Hepworth will give you inspiration and the motivation to not take no for an answer and keep on striving.


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On today’s show I interview the very talented author Sally Hepworth. Sally is an amazing storyteller who has had international success in the genre of women’s fiction, primarily writing about relationships. Sally is self trained, and while naturally talented, she taught herself by absorbing herself reading books about the craft of writing. Once she wrote her first book her aim was to write a better book. Whilst initially facing rejection after rejection, Sally never gave up on her passion. Now she speaks to budding upcoming authors, inspiring them to achieve their dreams as she continues to achieve hers.

Sally’s Wild Journey

Sally has always loved writing. She wrote her first book at seven years of age which was a book of short stories called ‘Mustard and Ink’. She not only wrote stories but also loved telling stories verbally. She loved having people gathered around her listening to her, entertaining them and making them laugh.

For a long time Sally never knew what she wanted to do in life because becoming a story teller did not feel like a real job. As a result she did an Arts degree and went on to do numerous jobs, including event management. It was only when she was on maternity leave with her first child that she thought she would give writing a go.

For Sally writing is something she always wanted to share. She never gave up, even while working part time with a toddler and being pregnant, Sally persevered with her passion. Her first book to be published was in German. Now she has many books published and is busily planning her next novel.

Sally’s Precious Tips To Get Something Published

  1. Google anything you need : How to write a novel; how to edit a novel; how to publish a novel; and how to find a literary agent. All the information you need is at your fingertips.
  2. When contacting literary agents send a one page query letter which tells what the book is about. If they like the sound of it they will ask for some pages. There are a some here in Australia but more in the US and the UK. Put a list together of the ones you like that had authors that wrote in a similar style to you.
  3. Know that rejections are part of the process and if you really love writing and find it’s that thing that is for you, just keep going. Never give up. To be successful, failure is unavoidable. Often the darkest time is right before the dawn.
  4. Write at the local library. Free wifi and its warm. Great people watching as well.
  5. Write the book you want to read.

Top 3 Things You Can Do To Look After Yourself and Not Get Writers Burnout

  1. Sleep Sleep Sleep. Sleep is refreshing and as important as eating well and exercising. It also can be creatively sustaining. It takes a year to write a novel. A three hour nap on a weekend can allow you to wake up and feel as a writer that you have solved whatever problem you were working through. This nap time should be a non-negotiable.
  2. Say no to people. Every time you say yes to someone you say no to something else. Work out your responses ahead of time in case you are caught off guard. These may include – I would love to but… I don’t have the time, I’m working lots of hours or I don’t have time to devote to that. If you want time to think you could say – I’m not sure can I get back to you? This allows you to be proactive instead of reactive in your responses.
  3. Do something that relaxes you like yoga. Be content in the knowing that your commitment may waver up and down throughout the year, but this is ok.

After that inspiring interview, we’re ready to get out our pen and paper and start writing! I hope you got as much out of this as we did. Let us know in the comments below any thoughts you’ve had after tuning in.

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