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002 – Low Tox Living with Alexx Stuart

Searching for a way to look after you and your families health, get back to basics and detox your diet and home? This interview with Alex Stuart from Low Tox Life is a must watch!


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On today’s show I interview the lovely Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life. Alexx is an educator and change agent. She offers courses in living a low tox life, eating healthy (and delicious) food and living Low Tox with kids. She hosts a popular podcast and has just published her first book, “Low Tox Life – A Handbook for a Healthy you and a Happy Planet”. We dive into all the goodies the book has to offer in this interview (including some awesome tips you can easily implement with no hassle at all).

Alexx’s Wild Journey

Alex began her career in the cosmetics industry and pretty soon was being flown around the world for work, business class, selling products and living the high life. She would often get bad migraines and It wasn’t until she left the cosmetics industry (because she couldn’t condone all the chemicals in even the most expensive products) that she realized her migraines had stopped. Putting two and two together she began to research and learn more about the effects of chemicals and other toxins on our bodies.

A natural teacher, Alexx began blogging about her experiences and discoveries. Her company Low Tox Life and courses on living a healthier life evolved from there.

Alexx’s Precious Tips


We discuss the importance of not feeling guilty or overwhelmed when starting your journey to healthy or low-tox living. Instead, focus on the things we actually can do that will make a difference. Start small.

Healthy Cooking & Eating

This topic is a key component of Alex’s book “Low Tox Life”. As someone who really doesn’t enjoy cooking, Alexx encouraged me to find the joyful simplicity in cooking good food. She talked about taking your power back from food companies who are cashing in on the ‘time poor’ life so many of us live.

Start by learning to enjoy simple pleasures: appreciating the produce you buy; meandering through farmers markets; and cooking nourishing meals for yourself and your family.

Another suggestion Alexx gives it that when you love a recipe, don’t be afraid to make it over and over again. Kids don’t need new, exciting meals each day in their lunch box. Way back in time, the nomads would live on the same diet each day until they moved to another area, where they would do the same again.

Top 3 Things You Can do Right Now to Start Living a Healthier, Low Tox Life…

  1. Trade out on your top 3 high volume foods – think about the 3 things you eat/drink the most in your house, then buy the BEST version of these you can. Eg. an organic milk instead of a cheap $2 one.
  2. Think about your personal care – switch your toothpaste. A lot of major toothpastes have micro-beads containing BPA in them. Switch to a natural toothpaste and give your body a well needed break from toxic terrors . You can easily find natural toothpastes both with and without fluoride if you start googling.
  3. Ditch all of your air fresheners and indoor scented candles. The synthetic fragrances in them are actually doing the opposite of what you think they are meant to do and polluting your airspace. Try an experiment – get rid of them for 2 weeks, then light one again and feel the difference. Swap to beeswax candles instead.(Even the expensive candles have awful, synthetic fragrances. Bugger! No more Glass House candles for me.)

I learnt so much from Alexx on today’s podcast and can’t wait to buy her book. It’s available on pre-order until 27th June 2018, with some cool extras thrown in, and then from her site, or all good bookstores.


Low Tox Website and Book Orders: https://www.lowtoxlife.com/
Low Tox Podcast: https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/
Alexx’s TedX Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFh6wHYMflM
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4 thoughts on “002 – Low Tox Living with Alexx Stuart”

  1. Lesley Utting-Young

    Great job, Gin….the interview with Alexx was excellent….what an interesting, grounded woman she is…..think I need this book now….

    1. Thanks Lesley – she has so much knowledge around the topic. I’ve read her new book and it’s got lots of great DIY recipes for low tox cleaning and beauty.

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