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006 – Parenting Survival Tips with Gin & Trin

Ever heard of a double pour moment? Well, you soon will as Gin and Trin have a laugh as they discuss their top 6 parenting survival tips. These tips will not only enable you to SURVIVE parenting but more importantly THRIVE your way through parenthood, if that is at all possible!

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On today’s show, experts (!!) in the parenting field, Gin and Trin chat about their top seven parenting tips that will enable you to survive parenting. I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to their stories, that will undoubtedly make you laugh along with them and feel not so alone in the crazy world of parenting. You may even feel sane as you listen to their hysterically funny antics!

Gin and Trin’s Wild Parenting Tips

Tip 1: Drink Alcohol

One or two glasses of wine allows you to relieve the pressure at the end of a day when you get home from work to be greeted by the kids. Note these glasses are the standard glasses, not those extra big ones you sometimes pour yourself, or the ‘double pour’ options for an extra dollar that are popping up at airports and bars these days!

There is an exception to the rule, as you will find that some moments do in fact require a double pour – like Trins’ moving house moment.

Tip 2 : Give up on looking good

OK – we are being a little extreme here. It’s not so much about giving up on ever looking good again, but more about lowering your standards a little.

After years of trying, the girls came to the conclusion that they must accept the fact that you just may have to lower your standards when having kids. Trin and Gin tell their comical stories of wearing mascara whilst chopping onions for dinner, a no-tracksuit pledge and why wearing pyjamas to school drop off is a definite no-no.

Tip 3 : Holidays will never be the same again – choose them wisely

Gin and Trin wonder whether holidays with kids should actually be called a holiday? They regale stories of trips away, like Trin’s small caravan trip with kids… the packing, the car rides, the sleepless nights, the early mornings and activities. Overseas holidays are even harder, taking into account the long flight, jet lag and those bouts of sickness!

Tip 4 : Avoid the beach at all costs

Gin and Trin talk about the fun of taking young kids to the beach. They chat about sand chaffing, the packing, the sunscreen application, beach tents, nippers and how kids always believe they are safe in the water whilst parents believe they will surely drown. Important note – the definition of deep water to a mother, is completely different to that of their child’s.

Tip 5 : Anything you treasure will be lost, stolen or broken

Kids will take all your special belongings for themselves. Nothing is your own any more including clothes, make up and special house hold items like Gin’s coveted bees wax candle. Gin and Trin point out there is an upside to this, as when your kids grow older we can then borrow their clothes. Take that teenagers!

Tip 6 : Know your school calendar

Make sure you have a posse of friends at the kids’ school to remind you when the special school days are, like casual clothes day, book week and the first day of school (yes, Trin actually forgot the first day of school!). Call upon grand parents and relatives to help you out with making the book week costumes (share the pain) and if you are in need, simply send your kid as a character out of the Specky Magee books – a footy player. So easy!

Tip 7 : Always remember that YOU are amazing and are doing a damn good job!

Crazy moments happen to everyone, but the fact that you can get through them is an accomplishment in itself. Gin and Trin tell heir own personal stories of when they had to be super women to look after their kids (think breastfeeding in the middle of the night whilst having severe gastro). They remind you that being a parent is at times tough. You are doing a great job and deserve a huge pat on the back (or another double-pour).

Whilst they may laugh, absolutely nothing is as PRECIOUS to them as their families. Their LIVES would not be as beautiful, fun, crazy or as meaningful without them. They are their everything. Now lets all double pour to that. Cheers!

We would LOVE to hear about your double-pour moments! When have things been so crazy that you look back and have a laugh wondering at how you actually survived?

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